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Afghanistan v Ireland T20s and ODIs Bonus ₹0 8 Matches | Feb 21st - Mar 10th Team Management Deadline   Play
India v Australia T20s and ODIs Bonus ₹0 7 Matches | Feb 24th - Mar 13th Team Management Deadline   Play
Pakistan T20 League 2019 Bonus ₹0 34 Matches | Feb 14th - Mar 17th Tournament Closed Play
West Indies v England ODIs and T20s Bonus ₹0 8 Matches | Feb 20th - Mar 11th Team Management Deadline   Play
Big Bash 2018-19 Bonus ₹0 59 Matches | Dec 19th - Feb 17th Tournament Closed Play
New Zealand v Bangladesh ODIs Bonus ₹0 3 Matches | Feb 13th - Feb 20th Tournament Closed Play
South Africa v Sri Lanka Tests Bonus ₹0 2 Matches | Feb 13th - Feb 25th Tournament Closed Play
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